Our Stories

There is nothing greater in life than knowing Jesus Christ. 

These are our stories of how we came to Him.

  • Larry

    “There was nothing I could do about my situation and circumstance in a broken relationship with God…” – 2:03 minutes

  • Kristy

    “I came home wondering what that book was that everybody was so interested in.” – 1:39 minutes

  • Paul

    “When I was ten years old, my doctor found out I had a brain tumor.” – 3:39 minutes

  • Peggy

    “I had immediate peace in my heart and this peace has been with me all these years.” – 2:03 minutes

  • Chris

    “From a very young age I always believed and knew that there was a God. I always just tried to run from Him and ignore Him.” – 2:08

  • Annie

    “I would cry myself to sleep every night wondering why…then I heard about a man named Jesus who loved me no matter what.” – 2:37 minutes

  • Emma

    “I prayed…I asked God to forgive me and to take control.” – 0:43 seconds

  • Pastor Larry

    “I want to tell you about the most important thing that ever happened to me.” – 1:50 minutes

  • Steve

    “I prayed to receive Christ, have my sins forgiven and have an eternity in Heaven.” – 1:50 minutes

  • Larry

    “I knew there was a difference in the people that came and visited me and talked to me and I wanted to know more about that.” – 2:10 minutes  

  • Barbara

    “I know that when my time on earth is over, I will spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus.” – 1:02 minutes  


















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